How long does it take to treat?

Achieving a solution homeopathically, will absolutely depend, in great part, on the patience of the owner, the accuracy of the owner's observations and keeping an open line of communication with the doctor; a positive attitude regarding the process itself is key to the success of this treatment.

How do you handle cases without seeing   the pet?

The client provides Dr. Young with all records from  previous visits with the primary veterinarian and may possibly request past lab tests, X-rays, ultrasound and physical examinations, etc. He will also call the primary veterinarian if needed.

Dr. Young also utilizes Skype as a means to communicate with his clients.  

What type of animals do you treat?

Dr. Young consults for all species of pets, as well as exotic animals.

How much does it cost?

In conventional animal hospitals or clinics, fees are based on office visits, medications, laboratory procedures, vaccinations, X-rays, surgery, etc. In homeopathy, the cost to the client is generated mainly form the actual time spent on the case. This includes in-depth examination and evaluation of all medical records,phone consultations, follow-up analysis and assessment, and a homeopathic interpretation for the correct treatment and medications needed for this treatment. 

Homeopathic medicines are very reasonably priced and affordable, in contrast to conventional drugs.

How does stress affect our animals?
Stress is the 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room.
It is that obstacle that prevents complete healing and may be physical, mental or emotional. Stress has resulted in economic problems for pet owners and has caused major hurdles for families trying to maintain optimal health for their animal companions.

What is Homeopathy?

Known to the Greeks, homeopathy is a well established healing system. The modern system of homeopathy is holistic therapy that treats the underlying causes of illness. It addresses the whole animal on the physical, emotional and mental levels. The focus is on the totality of symptoms, as exhibited by the patient, rather than on the 'name' of any given disease. 

Homeopathy for Animals

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