Homeopathy for Animals​​

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Why not Vaccinate?

Why are our animal patients exhibiting so many reoccurring illnesses and why are so many animal illnesses not being permanently cured? Year after year, the seasonal maladies still exist and we continue to play fireman by putting out the periodic flare-ups of digestive and non responding skin and ear disorders.

These questions haunting me and after years of practicing traditional medicine,I knew there must be a common denominator- Then an epiphany one day in 1990- it was due to OVER VACCINATION!

The assault on my furry friends' immune systems had become what we now refer to as "immune mediated disease." Most dogs and cats are vaccinated starting at eight to ten weeks of age and usually completed by four to six months of age. Yearly booster vaccinations have been given since the 1960's and many animals have exhibited negative reactions to these vaccines; these cases have been documented quite extensively.

Forty years ago, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), feline hyperthyroidism, diabetes and pancreatitis, for instance, were far less encountered in practice So why are these diseases now common buzz words in the veterinary community? Many studies show that these conditions are related to a compromised immune system.

Because of my years of careful observation (not due to any original research on my part), I knew my conclusions were correct. In the past number of years, however, more information on the abuse and misuse, not only of vaccines, but also steroids and antibiotics has become only too apparent.

So, after many years of practicing homeopathic veterinary medicine, the greatest lesson I have learned is that the body can heal itself when properly nourished and has a reasonably healthy immune system.

Homeopathy can exist in harmony with traditional veterinary medicine, i.e., surgery, orthopedics, dentistry, and advanced laboratory technology.

I have been fortunate enough over the past number of years to experience astonishing successes with patients that had been given up for lost. I can truthfully say that my metamorphosis from traditional veterinary medicine to homeopathic and holistic medicine has been a journey to contentment and yes, awe.