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His metamorphosis from allopathic (conventional) methods and beliefs to homeopathy has been a gradual process. Two decades ago, his observations—derived from many years of clinical and academic medicine—changed his focus. In his opinion, many health problems in animals have been created by the practice of over-vaccination, persistent use of steroids and antibiotics, and the many grossly deficient commercial diets available.

Recognizing the absolute necessity of educating those dedicated to the preservation of good health and a comfortable quality of life for animals, Dr. Young has contributed his literary skills and teaching energies to homeopathic journals, new age publications, national TV talk shows, as well as to appearing as a guest lecturer at the annual conventions of both human and veterinary homeopathic organizations.* 

Dr. Arthur Young is no stranger to the field of veterinary homeopathy. He is nationally known as a practitioner, lecturer, teacher, and author. 

He comes to homeopathy with over five decades of experience as a clinician, researcher in contagious diseases of primates, instructor in pathology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, and as an innovator in the application of homeopathic medicines for exotic animals.

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